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Tradition & Experience at Camp Aranyaa

Camp Aranyaa, a private excursion to discover the magical aura of the Indian jungle is an ideal getaway for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is located amidst the scenic Bandhavgarh four hills, at the banks of River Charana Ganga, near the town of Umaria in Madhya Pradesh.

For those who love sher (tiger) treks and hikes in Bandhavgarh, one of the most important wildlife reserves in India, experienced naturalists from Camp Aranyaa guide you through the alluring natural beauty, ensuring you make the most out of your stay, while riding on the same wavelength as Mother Nature does.

Not to forget, our naturalists will tell you several real tiger stories and myriad trivia of the national park. You never know if you can create some real tiger stories to tell friends and family back home.

Swimming in a romantic oasis of peace and being one with Mother Nature can co-exist harmoniously at Camp Aranyaa, where you can select a luxurious canopy for your stay posed meticulously by Mother Nature in the lush 14-acres green-zone. You will also experience how petty worries of a life-caught-in-the-rut flow away, like the water from the stream Charana Ganga as it passes through the camp Aranyaa.

The entire hotel design, from the logo mark to the interior was produced by family, a team of nature lover with visionary skills. The camp can be enjoyed by the lifestyles of all people today.

Mahendra Singh Rathod, Hotel Manager


From our Director Mr. Shivang Patel

A nature lover and an affluent family of Gujarati Businessmen usually do not mix. However, Mr. Shivang Patel was inspired by the efforts of another nature lover, Fateh Singh Rathore, who founded the majestic Ranthanbore National Park in Rajasthan. This is how the idea of Camp Aranyaa was born - a part of Shivang's spiritual journey to explore nature and conserve it.

Camp Aranyaa became the very manifestation of this ideology that Shivang has lived his life by - extending support to conserving the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. With Sultan Khan, the camp's chief Naturalist, the son of Mahout who served the Royal family of Rewa, not only did Shivang carry forwards his research on Tigers, he even imbibed the principles of becoming one with nature.

The friendship between the two hit the right chords when Khan educated Shivang in his quest to learn about the tigers, and since then, it has been 15 years that they have been tracking together in the wild.

Shivang has had close encounters with the famous beasts of the region and has captured a few at the precise moment, on his camera lens, of course, which led him to track tigers.

Welcome to my world of Sounds, of mother nature, from a tiger’s roar to a eagle's call, Tabla to sarangi to thundering drums. I love mother nature and I am an animal of Bandhovgarh.

Shivang Patel, Director


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