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Staff at Camp Aranyaa

Camp Aranyaa encourages socio-economical conservation by employing and training localities’. The Aranyaa experience is about being one. Our Staff are our family members, passionate about the wild and serving our guest with the kindest of thoughts. Our cooks prepare most hygienic and home-based recipes over a variety of cruise. Our vegetable gardens, organic dairy and organic farm provide most of our food source.


Mahendra Singh Rathore

Born through War Veteran 1962 China, 1970 Pakistan. Mahendra has been involved in hospitality since his graduation in hotel management. He is camps first appointed manager.


Lalman Baiga

An expert tractor driver, involved in serving to farming, since the establishment of the camp.


Tirath Baig

Tirath helped the construction of the camp and takes care of our house keeping and Farming.



Official Masseur expert in ancient Indian massage.


Arjun Singh

The Original Cowboy of Camp Aranyaa.



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